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Fruit brandies are made using fresh fruits, which are sliced and steeped in pure alcohol. They don’t neccessarily need to be made with a brandy base – De Kuyper choose to use neutral spirit to produce their fruit brandies, which gives them a cleaner flavour, and allows more of the natural fruit flavours to come through. Other natural essences are added such as herbs and spices and sugar. De Kuyper also use the whole of the fruit in the making of their fruit brandies, so that there is amore complex fruity taste to the final liqueur. De Kuyper Cherry Brandy has a rich almondy flavour which comes from using the cherry pips as well as the rich flesh of the cherries.

What are liqueurs?

They can be drunk on their own, neat or over ice (especially Cherry Brandy on a cold winter’s night) or in cocktails. For Cherry Brandy, the best cocktail is the Singapore Sling, for Apricot Brandy you’d be mad not to give the Apricot Bubbly a chance.

What are liqueurs?

Surprisingly (or not?) fruit brandies taste like the fruits they are made from.

What are liqueurs? Ask Autumn

Both Cherry Brandy and Apricot Brandy can be bought in Safeway, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

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